Most people spend about sixty to ninety per cent of their free time inside the house. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, even work hours have been moved indoors. However, only a few of them actually care about keeping a check on the indoor air quality. Having a properly functioning HVAC system can help improve the indoor air significantly. However, removing dust and debris from the duct system is even more effective in removing harmful contaminants in the air inside the house. Here are the top 5 reasons you should regularly invest in getting your air ducts checked and cleaned by professionals.

Duct Cleaning Prevents Health Issues

Dust and other aerosol particles accumulate in the duct system over a period of time. The air confined within the HVAC system can carry several harmful contaminants which surprisingly affect the health of the people living in it. Once the dirt has built up quite a significant amount, it gives way to conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory issues. People can even have skin irritations due to the repeated circulation of dust inside the house. However, routine air duct cleaning can prevent such health problems from springing up in the residents in the first place.


Duct Cleaning Improves Performance

Thorough air duct maintenance and the efficiency of the system go hand in hand. When the ducts are filled with multiple layers of mold, allergens, pet dander and dust in the absence of regular cleaning, it limits the HVAC system’s capability of doing its job. However, after cleaning and removing such elements, the system can evenly and efficiently distribute clean and fresh air throughout the house.

Duct Cleaning Increases The Lifecycle Of HVAC Systems

The heating and cooling system will arguably be one of the biggest investments, and the last thing you want is to replace it or buy a new one. Indeed, you would like to use it for as long as possible. Statistics prove that nine out of ten systems do not last long because of low maintenance. Regular duct cleaning adds a lot more years to the lifespan of the system. Prevent the potential breakdown of the system and call the HVAC contractor now if you feel like it has been a long time since you cleaned the system.


Duct Cleaning Gets Rid Of Odors At Home

Pungent odours can have something to do with clogged duct systems. Using scented candles and air fresheners cannot get rid of these odours. The best thing to do is have the ducts serviced to improve air quality in the house. Another thing that gets rid of odors at home is getting rid of junk. We recently hired a junk removal company in Rocklin Ca. to help us declutter rather than renting a dumpster. I have to say, “it was pretty darn nice having a few guys come in and just carry everything out for us rather than having to do it ourselves.

Duct Cleaning Exposes Underlying Issues

Even though it seems like the HVAC system is working correctly, the problem might seem dormant until it gets checked by professionals. With air duct cleaning, you can see potential mechanical issues in the system, preventing costly repairs in the future.